Keenan Internet Marketing is a web marketing agency specializing in delivering highly targeted, relevant traffic to your website and converting it into business for you. Whether looking for traditional avenues of Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click Advertising, or seeking to improve online branding through social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn, Keenan Internet Marketing can help your business grow.


Keenan Internet Marketing is selective about who we work with and how many clients we work with at any given time. This selectivity ensures that our clients receive the highest level of attention and care so that their online marketing efforts will succeed.


Why Internet Marketing?

Whether your website is brand new or already well established, there is always the opportunity to bring in more quality traffic to your website; the kind of visitors that have the potential to become your customer.


Keenan Internet Marketing believes in transparency and accountability. There are no black boxes or smoke and mirrors when you work with us. We provide regular reports so you can see exactly how well your campaign is going and determine if it is working for you.

Take your business to the next level online. Use Internet Marketing to drive new business to your company.