Link Building

Ever wonder why Google returns the results they do? The simple answer is; link building.

Links are the equivalent of votes on the web. With links to your website, Google will trust you more and consider you more authoritative on your particular subject, and thus will show you higher in their results for a given keyword.

Here’s how it works. Go to Google now and search for this phrase: Click Here

Go ahead, give it a try.

One of the top results you should see is for Adobe Acrobat Reader. Why would Google return that result for the phrase Click Here?

The answer is links. Think of when you’ve downloaded a PDF document. Usually, underneath that document, is a sentence like this: If you need a PDF viewer, click here.

That link Click Here to adobe is a vote, a signal to Google that Adobe is what people want when they search click here. Thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of links like that from websites around the Internet result in Google showing Adobe for that keyword.

Now, we want to do the same for your business and the particular keywords critical to you.